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Dancin' The Pants Off Winston Churchill

Armbands for "Special Troops"!

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We find the fuhrer really funny.
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We just want to laugh at Hitler and Nazi related things. So, if you happen to be one of those people, then: don't be stupid be a smarty, come and join the hilarious nazi party! Post icons, gif animations, photoshop creations, ebay finds, jokes, nazi kitsch and anything in between! Inspired by Mel Brooks' The Producers (1968), which was later turned into the hit Broadway show.

Moderated by shadowyfigure & deadmissbates. This means your post will be reviewed by us before submission. Some basic (obvious) rules: We are not PRO-HITLER, so do not post pro-nazi/racist/etc related things. No 'serious' Hitler posts either. Unless it's seriously FUNNY. If you do any of these, your post will be rejected, thanks. NO TR0llz plz.

Communities of interest:
ach!, adolf hepburn, adolf hitler, all things german, annoying gif animations, annoying icons, arm bands, art school rejects, aryan nation, aryans, authortarian leaders, bad taste humor, beer gardens, berfdesgarten, black humor, bombs, cabaret (the movie), charlie chaplain, colonel bogey's march, consolevania, dark humor, despottery, deutschland, dr strangelove, dressing up as nazis, dropping bombs, ebay, eva braun, evil dictators, fascism, fashisim, father ted, gay hitler, gay nazis, gentle swastikas, german accents, german helmets, german history month, germany, goosestepping, guns and weapons, hail, hiel!, hilter cinema, hitler, hitler cameos, hitler cartoons, hitler fanfic, hitler ficition, hitler films, hitler humor, hitler icons, hitler jokes, hitler kitsch, hitler mustaches, hitler potter, hitler rap, hitler salute, hitler's artwork, hitler/churchill, hogan's heroes, holy roman empire, hot nazis in drag, indiana jones, khakis, knowing our history, krauts, l.s.d., laughing at ourselves, laughing at racists, lederhosen, life during wartime, lolz, making fun of hitler, max bialystock, mein kampf, mel brooks, mocking hitler, monty python's flying circus, mr. show, musicals about hitler, mustaches, nazi action figures, nazi dolls, nazi germany, nazi homoerotica, nazi humor, nazi jokes, nazi kitsch, nazi slash, nazi sterotypes, nazi uniforms, nazis, non-degenerate art, paper hanging, pointy noses, political correctness, really really dark humor, roger debris, s.s., satire, schindler's 'a-list', singing and dancing hitlers, springtime for hitler, sterotypes, storm troopers, supa-smooth, swastikas are good luck, tanks, the axis, the gestopo, the great dictator, the master race, the nazi party, the procuders movie, the producers, the producers musical, the riechstock, the third reich, the thrid reich, tomorrow belongs to me, u-boats, unpop art, war, weapons, weimar germany, weimar republic, white people, ww2, wwii

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